Winter Recipes

Winter Recipes

The winter, when the temperatures outside reach the lowest levels, is the best time to sit around a table and enjoy our favourite delicacies with loved ones as they not only delight our palates but keep us warm. Well-aware of the secrets and pleasures of our gastronomy, parents pass on the wisdom of this tradition to their children at tables and in kitchens. History merges with innovation in a cuisine that is constantly being renewed without forgetting the essence of the best products and our sources of culinary wealth including the Treasure of Our Heritage, 100% Bellota Iberian Ham which has a privileged spot.

There are many winter recipes that can be eaten with the Treasure of Our Heritage as a side dish or the main focus. One of them is scrambled eggs with wild asparagus and 5J Cinco Jotas Ham. This ingredient provides the perfect finishing touch for this recipe, making it a simple yet delicious starter. Winter vegetable stew is another dish that identifies us. The secret to a good winter vegetable stew lies in selecting the best seasonal vegetables and cooking them to just the right point; if accompanied by 100% Bellota Iberian Ham you will get an exceptional yet traditional dish ready to top off winter meals.

The final vegetables of the season can be used to prepare, for example, artichoke hearts with 100% Bellota Iberian Ham which is a true delicacy despite the simplicity. Another recipe that is simple yet no less succulent is peas with the Treasure of Our Heritage. Besides being a very useful garnishing or starter, this dish is perfect for a balanced diet as both peas as well as 100% Bellota Iberian Ham offer benefits for cardiovascular health.

The most traditional gourmets will love fried eggs with 5J Cinco Jotas Ham as it is the perfect recipe for this winter given that it explodes with consistency, flavour and tradition on the palate. Accompanying these eggs with 100% Bellota Iberian ham croquettes is a luxury that will enchant any dinner guest. Another culinary option for a winter meal is accompanying a good tenderloin with 5J Cinco Jotas Ham: this excellent and simple dish will conquer all palates.

Because of the quality and flavour, the Treasure of Our Heritage not only combines with many of the best winter dishes but it will no doubt provide the necessary qualities any diet requires. If you are looking for a safe bet, never forget that simplicity makes man great and there is nothing better than a dish of 5J Cinco Jotas 100% Bellota Iberian Ham presiding the table during these cold winter months.