5J Cinco Jotas, The Highest Quality

5J Cinco Jotas, The Highest Quality

Yesterday, 26th February, 5J Cinco Jotas put on its black tie. The new product seal was implemented for the brand at its natural Jabugo cellars pursuant to the new Iberian Quality Standard. This standard separates products into four categories in accordance with the animals’ diet during their life and the percentage of “Ibérico” in them. Our 5J Cinco Jotas products have been classified as Acorn Fed 100% Ibérico Products; in other words, those of the highest quality.

The application of the new standard once again confirms the excellence of our products and Acorn Fed 100% Ibérico Ham, Spain’s National Treasure and that of a legendary brand. The main objective of the new standard, which was approved by Spanish Royal Decree and published in the Official Spanish Gazette on 11 January 2014, is to preserve the continuity and quality of Ibérico products as part of Spain’s heritage and avoid the confusion a lack of clarity may produce among consumers.

As of 1 March, 5J Cinco Jotas enthusiasts will find the new seals on our products. Whole pieces will feature corresponding black clamp and the label will always include three designations: product type (ham, loin shank), type of diet and handling (acorn fed) and race (100% Ibérico). This new standard keeps 5J Cinco Jotas at the top in excellence and places the Ibérico sector where it deserves – in the proper spot to be able to understand our gastronomy and, thus, our identity.

Quality and transparency throughout the breeding, curing and carving process have always been key factors at 5J Cinco Jotas, a brand that treasures more than 130 years of tradition. Now, the new labelling system strengthens the historic values and re-positions the brand as the greatest reference in the sector. And the distinctive mark? The colour black