100% Iberian ham sandwich

100% Iberian ham sandwich

It is delicious, making simple, centuries conquered countless adults and children. This is a lifetime will love sandwiches, stuffed acorn can we keep 100% Iberian ham, leg or neck sliced ​​Iberian loin 100%, becoming the ideal choice for lunch and afternoon snacks.

With 5J Cinco Jotas 100% Iberian ham products made sandwiches, regardless of heat or nutrition perfect compliance with dietary advice children and adults. Healthy, practical, delicious, we need to add additional heat time, it is the ideal choice, not only for children but also so. Like athletes or higher physical exertion vitality owners, we need to add more nutrients to maintain muscle and bone of the normal operation, to ensure adequate intake of protein and iron.

Furthermore, if we 100% Iberian ham sandwiches and desserts and industrial packaging products like snacks compared to our ham sandwiches occupy the absolute superiority of nutrition, rich in protein, vitamin B1, B6, B12 and vitamin E, as well as copper, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus and other minerals. One last tip: Use 80 grams of bread and 60 grams national treasure keep 100% Iberian acorn ham sandwich made, only 340 kcal total calories. How, you are tempted to say it?