25 August 2017

5J Cinco Jotas经验最丰富,最具代表性的切割大师——Severiano Sánchez6月中国行圆满结束火热夏天,激情退却,唯有对美食的热情不能被辜负!5J Cinco Jotas经验最丰富,最具代表性的切割大师——Severiano Sánchez6月中国行圆满结束。首度来华,即为中国广大火腿爱好者们带来了一系列最顶级的火腿切割培训课程和表演,着实令人印象深刻!未能亲临现场的朋友们也不用遗憾,让我们跟随Seve再度重温那些美妙时刻!

  25 August 2017

5J Cinco Jotas倾情赞助The World's Best 50 15th Anniversary:当顶级火腿与顶级厨师邂逅,共同传递对美食无与伦比的热情和对细节不懈的追求!

对于全球的餐厅和厨师们而言,如果说米其林是美食界不二的钻石级权威榜,那么the World’s 50 Best Restaurants(全球 50 佳餐厅)则当仁不让称得上全球美食的风向标!

  25 August 2017


  03 March 2016

12 Schools

A selection of the finest culinary schools in the world was chosen to prepare the Best Tapa.

12 Tapas

Discover the twelve creations based on Cinco Jotas Acorn Fed 100% Ibérico Ham by students from the various schools.

1 Winner

Paulette Tejada, a student at Le Cordon Bleu...

  25 February 2016

It is delicious, making simple, centuries conquered countless adults and children. This is a lifetime will love sandwiches, stuffed acorn can we keep 100% Iberian ham, leg or neck sliced Iberian loin 100%, becoming the ideal choice for lunch and afternoon snacks.

  23 February 2016

The winter, when the temperatures outside reach the lowest levels, is the best time to sit around a table and enjoy our favourite delicacies with loved ones as they not only delight our palates but keep us warm. Well-aware of the secrets and pleasures of our gastronomy, parents pass on the wisdom of this tradition to their children at tables and in kitchens. History merges with innovation in a cuisine that is constantly...